About Us

8TEC established in 2012 and our main goal is to provide our costumers with End-To-End R&D and support solutions, from idea to production.

8TEC offers a comprehensive R&D services from system design, hardware development, software design and complete turnkey services.

Specialize in the following areas:

  • Hardware design and development services.
  • Software development services.
  • Leading projects from development to production.
  • Hardware and software integration includes pre-production simulations.
  • Mechanical design and engineering design.

Our Advantages:

  • One home for the development of your idea that includes hardware, software and mechanics services including prototype production and serial production support.
  • Leading the project accompanied by engineering documents.
  • Dynamic team to execute the project in a short and fast time.
  • Managing subcontractors to carry out project tasks and meeting goals.
Contact us

Derech Ha’atzmaot 43, Yaud. P.O.B: 336



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